NoHo Candy and Candy – Ridiculous!

Backdated from previous BA website

The ridiculous notion to name the redevelopment of the Middlesex Hospital site as NoHo Square is laughable. Candy and Candy Design should ask people in the area about its history and what they think the area is known as. It is FITZROVIA – NOT NoHo!

Candy and Candy tell us they consulted on the matter of the name but The Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association (FNA) tell us they were NOT consulted, which is not surprising!

This attempt at re-branding the area is doomed to failure!

This site will be the largest building in the whole of Fitzrovia. It should not be given a quirky name that will be the subject of jokes, because that is what will happen if it is named as Noho – we already have a few lined up!

FITZROVIA has a proud history, a unique identity and is not simply the area north of Soho. In fact it has no cultural association with Soho at all, rather its own unique character!

The word NoHo was first used by a misinformed Evening Standard reporter to title an article some years ago to describe the area as more of a wasteland rather than a destination. It is hardly appropriate to now re-use that word for what will be the most important development in the area for decades.

Did someone come up with this name over a few pints, or was it that you have not got any imagination and simply copied New York? Why don’t you ask the local community what they think it should be called?

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