Opposition to Camden Council decision to open a New Dedicated Needle Exchange at St Giles Circus, Tottenham Court Road.

Backdated from previous BA website

Opposition to Camden Council decision to open a New Dedicated Needle Exchange at St Giles Circus, Tottenham Court Road.

The Bloomsbury Association Executive Committee unanimously oppose Camden Council’s proposal to convert the toilets in the St Giles Circus underpass into a dedicated fixed site needle exchange. We will support any move to prevent this from happening as we feel it will cause irreparable damage to the West End Community. Nov 2nd is our next opportunity to make representation to Camden Council on this matter and we ask for your full support.

This decision by Camden DAT and Camden Trust Primary Care Trust (PCT) has WRECKED the consensus that was agreed between all parties via the West End Drugs Partnership. The Health Impact Assessment document that considered this proposal in 2003/4 can be read from this link: http://www.wedp.org
Please also see:

The Health Impact Assessment that took over a year of work DID NOT suggest that this policy should be implemented, in fact we consider that the overwhelming evidence showed that a new dedicated needle exchange south of Euston Road would NOT be in the interest of the wider community.

Camden seem determined to carry our this intervention without any regard for the welfare and quality of life of West End Residents even though they are aware that there is TOTAL opposition to the idea.  They have told us via the WEDP that they would NOT implement this idea if the community was against it but now ignore this statement.

Who is the DAT accountable to?  Who is the Primary Care Trust accountable to?

This matter has been discussed on the West End Drugs Partnership for over 2 years, has been the subject of a Health Impact Assessment (that made no recommendations) and Camden Drugs Action Team (DAT) agreed that a ‘mixed economy’ was the best way forward – to upgrade needle exchange in the hostels south od Euston Road, GP’s, Pharmacies and Health outlets.  Yet Camden Council have decided to convert an underground toilet, at great expense, into a new needle exchange when that money could be better used to ensure that the other methods of needle exchange are implemented to better effect and less harm to the community.

The Quality of Life of Residents of London’s West End has already been degraded by over 500 problematic addicts running around the streets screaming and shouting for their drug dealers on a daily basis and nothing seems to be able to be done to prevent this.  This open air drugs market was created by the misguided policies of Camden DAT and now they wish to make matters worse.

What happened to community care, community safety and common sense?  Camden have ignored the voice of the community again and again.  Their policies in this respect have given street addicts carte blanche to roam our streets, terrifying all in their path, behaving in a manner totally oblivious to the resident, student and business community and frightening the life out of the tourists.  They can be seen on a daily basis robbing our local shops, smoking crack in public and shooting up in our gardens.  Drug dealers seem to think they can operate with impunity.
Why not just open a drugs supermarket and be done with it?  This policy is MADNESS!!!!

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