Illegal Street Trading & Car Park Security

Backdated from previous BA website

For many months the BA has been receiving disturbing reports concerning what seems like an epidemic of illegal street trading, and concerns about the lack of security measures resulting in unacceptable levels of car crime and drugs crime in some of our car parks.

To that end we are commencing to gather evidence of the scale of the problem to submit to the relevant authority and/or the safer neighbourhood team for Bloomsbury so that action can be taken to sort out the problem.

We have particular concerns about the seemingly lack of security at NCP in Adeline Place where up to 20 drug addicts have been seen using Class A drugs and meeting drug dealers. We strongly suggest you check out the security before using this car park.

We are requesting that any information you would like to contribute to this process be sent to us via our online incident reporting system web site which can be found at:

Re: Illegal Street Trading
Camden officials have told us that they do not have the necessary resources to tackle this problem in a vigorous fashion. WHY NOT? They have massive resources to tackle parking with seemingly a parking warden for every block! We suggest it is simply that there is no will to tackle the problem because there is no cash profit for Camden!

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