Bloomsbury Village Traders seek Urban Renaissance

Backdated from previous BA website

Bloomsbury Traders call for the Renaissance of Bloomsbury Village as a centre of excellence for Arts & Crafts.

Current planning regulations that allow unrestricted retail development into this area are damaging existing trade to such an extent that the area is now virtually unrecognisable for offering anything other than tacky tourist shops and such a proliferation of cafes that any sense of culture has all but disappeared.

Camden Council seem helpless in controlling what seems like an epidemic of hotdog and chestnut stands that are visibly spreading throughout the south of the borough, and no doubt giving our visitors an unhealthy reminder of their visit to Bloomsbury, Holborn and Covent Garden. It is about time that a final solution was enforced to remove this plague from our streets!

The stink at the gates of the British Museum is a disgrace and now we see a man standing astride the main gate with a placard advertising mini-cabs and forcing leaflets into the hands of terrified tourists.

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