Secondary School Campaign NOT dead yet!

Backdated from previous BA website

Frank Dobson MP has stated that the deadline on taking the government finance for a new secondary school,in Camden can be extended and he will press Camden to look again at the Eastman Dental Hospital site in Grays Inn Road.

This news has re-opened the debate again and we urge Camden to realise that the argument for a secondary school south of Euston Road is valid and must be looked at again.

We also now know that the government has a neutral policy on the size of new schools – were we mislead on this fact by by Camden?

No matter what Camden has told us, anyone with one iota of common sense knows that the south of the borough has been deprived of it’s right to have a local school.  Camden’s education policy is damaging our community not enhancing it.

Camden’s policy will isolate yet another generation of children who will grow up without friends in their neighbourhood because as we all know friends are made at school. Many of Bloomsbury, Holborn and Covent Garden children suffer 2 hours of travel misery every day when they should be playing or doing their homework. Many have been mugged while travelling to meet friends who live up to 6 miles away. Their secondary education experience is a misery.

We call on UCL to renege on their agreement with Camden until the rightful site is chosen for this new school (i.e. south of Euston Road).

We call on Camden Council to swallow their pride, admit they made a mistake and give our youngsters south of Euston Road the school they deserve WITHIN the community they live in.

The property is available, and of course there is a cost, but this cost is justified to support the rights of families that live in the south of the borough. We cant all simply move to Swiss Cottage!

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