St Mungo’s Endell Street – Refurbishment

Backdated from previous BA website

We attended at St Mungo’s Endell Street to hear the announcement and presentation about the proposed refurbishment of the hostel. This is a government funded project costing A#3.24M and plans will be submitted to Camden Planning in the near future. St Mungo’s own the freehold of this building.

A lively debate ensued between the 10 or so community attendees and the management of St Mungos.  Whilst we applauded the quality of the proposed plan that will reduce the number of residents to 59 from over 90 we argued that unless ‘move-on’ from this supposedly temporary hostel and drug abuse treatment centre was treated in a more serious manner the whole exercise was pointless.

We also pointed out that we believe it is the residents of this and other hostels that cause much of the drug related mahem on our streets and that we expect St Mungos to take a more responsible role in trying to control the behaviour of their clients on the street incluiding taking out sanctions against clients should they misbehave in this manner.

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