West End Dispersal Zone – We need your help?

Backdated from previous BA website

Camden Police are asking for the legislation to introduce a Dispersal Zone for Holborn, Covent Garden and Bloomsbury that gives them the powers to to tackle the anti social behaviour of drug dealing / taking – the persons who are congregating together waiting to deal or take the drugs. It will also be used for persons who are engaged in street crime; like bag thief / dipper teams and other acts of anti social behaviour.

Pc I Webster of Holborn and Covent Garden SNT is completing a package of views and evidence of anti social behaviour on Holborn SNT and Bloomsbury SNT. This will be placed as evidence for the legislation to be granted.
We are asking in a short statement. Your views, opinions and experiences of anti social behaviour which has affected you and whether the legislation would benefit or is actually needed on Bloomsbury ward.

The BA supports this proposal, which is long overdue in our opinion and we ask for your support in the form of a ‘lifestyle statement’ as detailed above.

We would be grateful if you send the BA your statement (it can be made anonymously).  In any case your name and address will NOT be made public. Please send by 8th June. Please email to statements@bloomsburyassociation.org.uk

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