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The Camden Labour Group, led by Cllr Anna Stewart have managed to ostracise themselves from the mainstream debate in Camden after 35 years of power culminating in a landslide defeat because of the arrogance of their executive. We wish the new executive every success.

New administration elected

Camden’s Councillors have appointed a new administration to run the council following the local elections on 4 May.

The twenty Liberal Democrat and fourteen Conservative councillors who were voted onto the council will work together in a Partnership Administration.

In the first full Council meeting since the elections Cllr Keith Moffitt (Lib Dem) was voted Leader of the Council and Cllr Andrew Marshall (Con) Deputy Leader. Cllr Marshall will also oversee the Equalities and Community Development agenda as an Executive Member.

The new administration will include a further five Liberal Democrat and three Conservative Executive Members to lead key areas of the council’s work. The new Partnership Administration also aims to change the Scrutiny function – which allows councillors from all parties to look in-depth at the council’s work. They propose to establish five standing committees at the next council meeting.

A further change sees the Mayor’s position rotated between the political parties annually. Cllr Jill Fraser (Lib Dem) was voted in as this year’s Mayor, with Cllr Dawn Somper (Con) as Deputy Mayor.


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