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Camden Labour are defending an all out onslaught by the Conservatives for the Bloomsbury Ward in Camden with strong LibDem candidates poised to sweep up any loose votes.

The Bloomsbury Association Hustings on April 28 produced a lively and broad ranging debate for just under 3 hours and was well attended, by Bloomsbury standards.

It soon became obvious that the Conservative candidates, Rob Morritt, Janice Lavery and Rebecca Hossack, are not to be underestimated and are making a determined effort to win this election. Feedback from the hustings suggested that Janice Lavery was particularly impressive.

Candidates and sitting councillors Penny Abraham and Peter Brayshaw, for Labour, had the difficult task of defending some of their council executive decisions on many matters that they themselves had objected to in Council, (in support of the community they represent), and were clearly uncomfortable trying to put blue water between themselves and their Executive, and local and national issues.

It has to be said that this association has a great deal of respect for both Penny Abraham and Peter Brayshaw who have represented this ward to the best of their ability. Camden’s Executive should have listened to them!
The hustings made strong comments on the illusiveness of the 3rd Labour candidate, Fazlul Chowdhury, who was missing from both Bloomsbury hustings.

The sole LibDem in attendance, Philip Moser, represented his party admirably. Attendance by his fellow LibDem candidates would have helped his cause more at the hustings.

The sole Green Party candidate was Linus Rees who was somewhat eclipsed by the other candidates. He made a strong plea for the legalisation of drugs which did not go down too well with the audience. On environmental and other matters the audience warmed to him.
(It should be noted that the 2 other Green Party candidates for Bloomsbury are also candidates in other wards – a rather strange way of showing commitment!)

A very informed hustings cross examined the candidates in detail on a very broad range of issues and it was soon obvious from the mood of the evening, that the Bloomsbury Ward will be a battle to the death between Labour and Conservative with the LibDems chasing hard.

Latest news from the street is that both Labour and Conservatives are canvassing hard and both have sent out final newsletters to voters. It’s going to be Close!


Candidates for the Bloomsbury Local Elections are as follows in alphabetical order:

To see the official Notice of Poll, including the names of Proposers and Seconders for each candidate please navigate to:
(Scroll down to the Bloomsbury Ward list which is is second in the list of wards).

APATHY is not on the list of candidates and we hope Bloomsbury does not return the lowest turnout in the borough as it has done in the past!

Penelope Fulton ABRAHAM
(known as Penny)
Lady Somerset Road NW5
The Labour Party Candidate

Shahrar ALI
Doyle Gdns NW10
The Green Party

Piender Street NW1
The Labour Party Candidate

Fazlul Karim CHOWDHURY
Torrington Place WC1E
The Labour Party Candidate

Steven John DELLER
Cotswold Gdns NW2
Liberal Demorat

Caroline Merula DEYS
Brookfield Park NW5
Liberal Democrat

George William GRAHAM
Hackford Road SW9
The Green Party

Coram Street WC1N

Rebecca Anne HOSSACK
Warren Street WC1N
The Conservative Party

Swains Lane N6
The Conservative Party

Robert David MORRITT
Thanet Street WC1R
The Conservative Party

Philip Curt Harold MOSER
Dandy Lane NW3
Liberal Demorat

Linus William REES
Tottenham Street W1T
The Green Party


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