Safer Neighbourhoods is working – Police arrest 4 major drug dealers

Backdated from previous BA website

4 major drug dealers, who have been operating in Bloomsbury and beyond for some time, have been arrested and remanded in custody.

The Metropolitan Police Service has conducted a covert operation, which has been running since May 2006. This culminated in the arrest of four major drug dealers who operate in the south of Camden borough. All four arrested have been charged with the supply of class A drugs, including crack cocaine and heroin. They were remanded in custody to attend court.

Camden Crime Squad conducted the operation with support and assistance of the Bloomsbury and Holborn and Covent Garden Safer Neighbourhood Team, and the South Community Tasking Unit.

This is the first stage of a long term problem solving approach to the drugs issue in your area.  We continue to work very closely with the council and the community to combat the problem.
Thank you for your patience with the matter, but we still need your continued help and any information you can provide about the drugs issue.

We hope our activities have not caused too much disruption, however our actions are necessary for the detection and prevention of serious crime, and have been extremely successful thus far.

To contact the officers involved in these matters please call the Safer Neighbourhood office

Tel: 020 8721 2693 or Email:

Please use the anonymous community alert scheme at

Your officers are

PS Darren Boné 74EK
PC Foster Percil 181EK
PC Emma Rickard 781EK
PCSO Dawn Ryder 7145EK
PCSO Samantha Camm 7107EK
PCSO Fred Ajisegbede 7105EK

The Met Police wish to convey their thanks  to the Bloomsbury community for their valuable information on street based drugs activity.

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