Bloomsbury Ward (London Borough of Camden) Election Results May 2006

Backdated from previous BA website

Penny Abraham (Labour) has been a tireless worker for Bloomsbury and deserves her victory but Peter Brayshaw will be very disappointed to have lost his seat by a mere 2 votes. Thank you Peter for all your hard work for Bloomsbury! Of the Conservative candidates Rebecca Hossack was considered the outsider of the three to win a seat, little did we know! She is the first Conservative to win a seat in Bloomsbury since 1982. You can see from below how close it all was. There were 3 re-counts!

Im sure we speak for everyone in Bloomsbury when we thank Peter Brayshaw for his dedication and tireless work over the years, particularly during the time he was a councillor for Bloomsbury.

We have come to respect and admire Peter’s principles and bravery in opposing certain policy decisions by the previous Camden Executive that went against local opinion. If anyone deserved not to be hit by the recent demonstration of dissatisfaction in the Camden local elections of 2006 it is Peter Brayshaw. We send our best wishes and wish him every success in any future enterprise.


Elected to serve:

Penny Abraham (Lab)  1004
Fazlul Chowdhury (Lab) 928
Rebecca Hossack (Con)  898

then came:

Peter Brayshaw (Lab) 896
Robert Morritt (Con) 835
Janice Lavery  (Con) 819


Turnout = 34.24%
The Bloomsbuty ward electorate = 7429 persons
Number of people that voted = 2544 (3 votes each)
Spoilt votes = 10

Candidate as % of votes cast, assuming everyone that voted cast 3 votes.

Penny Abraham (Lab) 13.1%
Fazlul Chowdhury (Lab) 12.15% thats impressive!
Rececca Hossack (Com) 11.76%

The above makes interesting reading!

This was a very hard fought ward election and all the candidates deserve praise for their efforts. We look to all our new Councillors to represent Bloomsbury to the best of their ability under the new Executive.

Its at this stage that we can say that Camden Councils out-going Executive has no-one to blame but themselves for losing control of Camden Council. They forgot who had elected them and what was expected of them and believed they were immune from being kicked out of office ….. was that arrogance or what?

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