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Whilst we respect the policeman’s wishes for no recognition, this has already happened via the CNJ, and so this article is intended as support. The policemans story follows. See the pages at:

My eyebrows raised when I saw a couple of comments here state they had come across this site as a result of an article in the Camden New Journal. The Camden New Journal, or CNJ as they occasionally like to be known as, are a local newspaper in (funnily enough) Camden.

Article? What article? I wasn’t aware of this. And seeing how I’m the only person with access to editing and posting at this site, and all comments are emailed directly to me, I would have thought if I’m to be featured in a local newspaper I would’ve known about it.

So imagine my shock when I pick up one of them from the bins they get left in and see a front page lead to ‘the policeman’s secret log’.

And there on page 5, the blaring headline Police Officer sings like a canary in tell-all blog.

The article goes on to lift various quotes from here, without my permission might I add, including some old posts from when I had less visits to this site in a month than when I do in a day now.

Now although this blog is anonymous, I am aware that if senior management and/or the Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS- the police police) really wanted to find out who I was, it wouldn’t take too much legwork to determine who I was. As such, I have tried to follow the MPS guidelines on blogging and to my knowledge have stayed within these guidelines. It is permanently on the title bar that this is not an official police site and opinions are mine. It is also there that copyright is retained and my permission is needed for any reproduction, something that the CNJ conveniently chose to ignore.

Why do I do this blog?

Camden has a population of 220,000 and a population density of near enough a 1000 persons per square kilometre. (ref)
I’m led to believe there are near enough 1800 police officers in Camden (unofficial figure, that may include support and civilian staff)

But how many of them are the dedicated response team? You know, the ones who try to turn up when you dial 999? Well, the last two nights: about 30. And then when we have a serious incident- of which there have been so many in recent times- there’s been a murder scene somewhere every shift for the last 3 weeks for goodness sake- a whole load of those officers get sucked in and cannot deal with anything else.

So is it any wonder that all too often Camden residents feel they get a poor service?

All I can do, one incident at a time, is try to help one person at a time. But it feels sometimes like fighting a hurricane with a hand held fan.

So every so often I post something on here, to let everyone else know how frustrating this job is. There are so many things. Like arresting someone at 9.30am and not finishing all the required paperwork and other procedures until nearly 5pm.

Frustration when I stop two youths, having chased them all over an estate at 3am because they’ve been seen as part of a group trying car handles, and having to let them go because even though I’ve found them with thick gloves in their possession (in mid summer? seen trying car handles? you do the logic) I’ve got nothing I can pin on them. I know they’re looking to steal from cars. They know I know that. They know I haven’t got enough to bring them in with just gloves. So they give us all the attitude when they walk off.

Frustration when I see a stolen moped and knowing that if I chase them, and they crash, I am responsible for their injuries. I’ve been taunted by these kids on mopeds, giving us hand signals before racing off to the nearest width restriction.

And I also post on here to let people know about things we do that don’t hit the headlines. The sheer volume of domestic calls. The tragic waste of a young life or the sad, lonely death of an old man who never had a visitor for the last 7 years. We dealt with this on Tuesday. The old man had his whole close family killed in the holocaust. He never married or had children. He died alone, in a truly horrible, squalid, neglected flat.

The sadness and sense of fear I too feel knowing that on this very date a year ago, I finished night shift at 7am, and as I struggled to stay awake as I rattled home on the train, 4 men were on the very same line going south with a deadly intention.

I don’t want recognition, I don’t want fame. I don’t want publicity courtesy of the Camden New Journal. The visitors to this site until now have been people who have had an interest in these things and have searched it out. Sensationalist headlines from papers who conveniently ignore copyright rules (trust me- see here) are not welcome.

So this may be my last post. I’ll leave this alone a while. If I have enough support from you, who read this, I may choose to carry on.

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