Camden Council REJECT police call for immediate suspension of the licence of The Den & Jet Black

Backdated from previous BA website

At a licensing hearing last night (24 Nov) a Camden Council Licensing Panel REJECTED the borough police commander’s call for an immediate suspension of The Den and Jet Black Club Licence. The panel decided not to impose interim steps pending the full review hearing in December, so the licence was not suspended.

The Police outlined their case, and advised the panel that in their view the appropriate action was to suspend the licence. Their evidence highlighted drug dealing in the premises and assaults outside associated with the premises.

The licence holder disputed the police case, stating that the events had been exaggerated, and the evidence did not amount to a serious level of crime and disorder to justify suspending the licence with immediate effect. They also stated that if the licence was suspended they had no right of appeal and such a decision could put them out of business.

The Member panel determined that suspension of the licence could not be justified and the evidence should be considered in greater detail at the full review hearing which will take place in December (date to be confirmed).

NOTE: Camden Police submitted a Certificate Under Section 53A(1)(b) of The Licensing Act 2003 and called for a Summary Review of the Licence of The Den & Jet Black, because they consider that other procedures under the Licensing Act are inappropriate in this case.

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