Bloomsbury Association use StickyWorld for Neighbourhood Planning

Backdated from previous BA website

Slider Studio has been commissioned by Bloomsbury Association to create an online virtual tour of the area on StickyWorld to help inform their forthcoming Neighbourhood Plan.

As a result of a recent TSB funded feasibility study into how the web can enable Neighbourhood Planning, Slider Studio has been speaking to a number of community groups about gathering interest from residents and local businesses to inform their Neighbourhood Plan.

As the new Localism Bill became law on 15th November, The Bloomsbury Association in London has appointed Slider Studio to create an online virtual tour of their neighbourhood in order to gather interest and collect comments from the local community about what they would like to improve or change.

The Bloomsbury StickyRoom, which is now available online as a public room, contains a map of the area showing boundaries, a series of street-level 360-degree photographs of the area, and video interviews with local residents and business owners.

The room has been built to provoke dialogue using StickyWorld’s simple virtual stickynote system. The photographs taken by Slider Studio’s in-house team provide a high-quality visual tool that is ideal for provoking conversation about places and spaces.

The StickyRoom focuses on the ‘village’ area of Bloomsbury in London which is populated by a community of residents and business owners including a large number of independent shops, cafes and galleries. There is also a high number of students, and the area is popular with tourists as it is situated between the British Museum and Covent Garden.

Bloomsbury Association want to create a record of comments and dialogue about the area that could be easily accessed and represents the opinion of a broad cross-section of the local community.

Bloomsbury Association are now inviting the local community and members of the public to share their thoughts and ideas about the area. Comments will be collated through the StickyRoom and will help to inform Bloomsbury’s forthcoming Neighbourhood Plan.

Already, the room has prompted comments about way-finding for tourists and the lack of clear signage, improvements needed to shopfronts on certain streets and the need for more planting and green areas.

Go to to view the room and leave comments.

NOTE: After 5th December the site is accessible from

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