Hanway Street/ Hanway Place Conservation Area – Primark service vehicle entrance plan approved by Camden Council

Backdated from previous BA website

Re: 2010/5956/P Planning application submitted to the London Borough of Camden for the widening and two-way working of Hanway Street (45 metres), and use of loading bay at flank of 6-17 Tottenham Court Road to facilitate access for delivery vehicles to the rear servicing yard of nos 14-28 Oxford Street and 3 Tottenham Court Road. 11 deliveries per day between 6am – 8pm, so they say. Trucks of 18.5 tons.

Camden Council have ‘no objection’ to this transport proposal and that recommendation will be sent to WCC who will consider the demolition and construction of a new Primark building on Oxford Street.

After watching the proceedings (on webcast) the we felt that scant consideration was give to the area as a unique conservation area, and the alternative transport options that could be available were not given proper consideration by both Camden (and Primark).  It was also interesting that the detail of where residents live in the area was ‘glossed over’.

We are disappointed by this decision.

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