Bloomsbury Safer Neighbourhood Team – Bloomsbury Order of Merit

Backdated from previous BA website

Bloomsbury Safer Neighbourhood Panel met on 13/12/2010. 14 panel members attended. Sgt Darren Bone introduced Sgt Paul Standing as his replacement officer in charge of the Bloomsbury Safer Neighbourhood Team and the panel welcomed Sgt Standing to Bloomsbury.

The Chair of the Bloomsbury Association thanked Sgt Darren Bone for his commendable service to Bloomsbury over the past 5 years. Darren can be satisfied that he has helped make a vast improvement to the quality of life of everyone in Bloomsbury.  Darren was presented with the Bloomsbury Order of Merit.


The executive committee and members of the
Bloomsbury Association wish to acknowledge the
achievements of Sgt Darren Bone during his 5
years of service with the Bloomsbury Safer
Neighbourhood Team.

Bloomsbury has become a safer place as a result
of the dedication and actions of you and your

Confidence in our police has been restored as a
direct result of your team’s actions.

We commend your dedication to duty, tact and
daring and wish you every success in the future.

Thank you Darren!

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