The £200 Million Bluff by Camden Council

Backdated from previous BA website

It now seems plainly obvious that Camden Councils so called consultation on where to locate a new secondary school was nothing more than a sham and that the question of building the school in Swiss Cottage was never in doubt. The excuse that there is no property available south of Euston Road that would suit the need is total rubbish!

What this means is that Camden Council has deserted yet another generation of young people who happen to live in the south of the borough.  These youngsters will grow without having the opportunity to make friends with kids of their own generation. Camden Council has effectively isolated yet another generation of kids. They will spend vast amounts of time travelling to and from school, or simply to meet up with a mate, they will constantly be in fear of being mugged or attacked in areas that they are not acquainted with, and their parents will have to live with those same fears.

Yet again we see Camden Council taking the easy option rather than satisfying ‘the need’. They are about to miss the only opportunity in the last 60 years to do the proper thing for the next generation of south Camden children and those that follow.

We in the south of the borough have alway been suspicious that Camden Council ‘dont need us’ politically and if we had any doubts about that before we can be sure now that our suspicions were correct!

Postscript:  The whole area of the West End north of the river is in need of a new secondary school, to facilitate Bloomsbury, Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Covent Garden, Holborn and even Mayfair & St James’s.  Why cannot Camden and Westminster get together to solve the problem. The sites ARE available but the will has to be there to aquire one of them.

If this opportunity is lost (£200 million) then I fail to see how the problem will ever be resolved. Something MUST be done. Londons West End children will become yet more isolated in time if proper school provision is not met. The evidence is there to show that the need is desperate.

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