Bloomsbury Residents Oppose New Casino License Proposal

Backdated from previous BA website

The Bloomsbury Association will oppose the Gaming License application by Bloomsbury Gaming Club Ltd for the Thistle Hotel (BIL Group), in Bloomsbury to operate a new Casino within the hotel premises. The court has instructed that objections must be received in writing at Highbbury Magistrates Court before 9th May. The trial which is scheduled for Dec 2007. If you wish to add your name to our and Bury Place Residents Association objections please send us your comments as soon as possible to: Further info at:

We wonder why Camden Planning Committee granted permission for alterations, knowing that a Casino was planned, when they have a Policy of NOT granting any new gambling licenses?
The result was 4/4 with the casting vote by the Chair of the panel voting in favour…..mmmm interesting!!!

Anyone know a friendly solicitor who might be able to help us.
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