Safer Neighbourhoods Community Panel discussion – UPDATE

Backdated from previous BA website

A very constructive 2md meeting took place at Jurys Hotel in Gt Russell Street on 28 March attended by representitives from the majority of residential groups in Bloomsbury (18 attendees) and chaired by a local Councillor.

Whilst headway was made the consensus was that we needed to be better informed about ‘Safer Neighbourhoods Citizens Panels’ and needed to understand the guidelines produced by the Home Office, in order that we can ensure that the Bloomsbury Ward is fairly represented on that panel.

To that end we will investigate those guidelines and reconvene on Thursday 6 April at the Brunswick Centre (location to be confirmed in the next few days).  Watch this space!

The April 6 meting took place at the Brunswick Centre and a unanimous consensus was reached to form the SN Community Panel which is now established. We will announce the date for the first meeting of that panel with the police shortly.

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