Londis, Marchmont Street – License application rejected

Backdated from previous BA website

The BA joined with the many local objectors to this application to convince the licensing panel to throw out this dangerous application that was made by an operator with no regard whatsoever for the safety and well being of local residents. We applaud the decision by Camden Council Licensing Panel. Our objection letter is copied below.

33-35 Marchmont Street

We object in the strongest possible terms to the 24 hours per day, 7 days per week sale of alcohol from the Londis shop in the Marchmont Street Post Office.

We object on the following grounds:

Public Safety

There is a clear issue of public safety for elderly people, parents with young children, and other vulnerable groups, in having 24/7 sale of alcohol in the same premises as a Post Office.  There is a clearly understood community safety problem here and it will only be a matter of time before the inappropriate conjunction of Post Office transactions and alcohol collides with the inevitable violence, theft and associated problems.

Public Nuisance

There is also an issue of public nuisance in this area, should a license be agreed. It is a heavily residential area.  Over 600 people live opposite in the Brunswick Centre and another 600 live behind in Russell Court.  The concept that this is an area appropriate for 24/7 alcohol is appalling.  There is currently a careful balance maintained but a late night or 24 hour drink sales would ruin this balance.

Local residents have found the franchisee of the Post Office to be wholly oblivious to some of his public duties.  He put in unauthorized shutters, for which he still has no planning permission.  When challenged, he stated he “did not have to follow planning laws”.

As far as we are aware he has never replied to any letter sent to him by local residents who have concerns about the way this business is managed.

The Post Office license is in the name of an operator whom we believe has no connection with the shop whatsoever and we believe he lives in Birmingham, and is simply a name on a Companies House document.  If the license is granted in his name, it is clear he will not be taking the necessary responsibilities for such a license.

We are informed that Londis, in whose name this application has been made, appear to have had no prior knowledge of such an application and are concerned at the action that has been taken.

Current trading is 8am – 8pm.

Many residents have to deal with continual difficulties related to low-level crime and anti-social behaviour usually fuelled by drink or drugs through out the late evening and night.  If an alcohol license is issued to this premises these problems will become intolerable.

The police already describe this area as “a high crime area that suffers from a significant level of alcohol related crime and disorder and noise nuisance”.

There are over 200 local residents classified as “vulnerable” in this area with many elderly residents that will have to clash with street drinkers if a license of this type is granted.

We strongly support the objections lodged by the many local associations and resident groups surrounding this premises.
We trust that this application will NOT, under any circumstances, be granted.

The Bloomsbury Association

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