Important public consultation – Euston Road, Gower Street, TCR Traffic proposals

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Proposals for a radical redesign of the area around a major Euston Road junction will soon be set out for the public to see, in a new exhibition and consultation.

Camden Council will host an exhibition of a new architect’s model and design proposals in the Argyle Street reception of Camden Town Hall from 6 March until 28 April 2006. Local residents, businesses and other groups will be asked for their views during an eight-week consultation starting on 6 March and including a public meeting on 16 March.

Camden Council has been working with Transport for London (TfL) and British Land on feasibility studies to find ways of dramatically improving the area around the Euston Road underpass, focusing on the junction of Euston Road, Tottenham Court Road and Hampstead Road. The aim is to create more urban open space, make it a much safer and more attractive environment for pedestrians, and re-assess the existing traffic arrangements.

The proposed schemes include:

    * Decking over part of the underpass, creating a large area of public open space with possible room for shops and exhibition areas
    * Making it much safer, simpler and easier for pedestrians to cross Euston Road, and adding two new crossings at Fitzroy Street and Gower Street
    * At a later stage, making Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street two-way for all or part of their lengths

The studies found that the proposals would offer benefits for everyone using the road. The increase in public space with trees, shops and artwork would make the area more attractive for pedestrians, and the studies also showed it would be less noisy and windy for those on foot, and safer due to improved crossings.

The flow of traffic would be improved and congestion reduced in the Euston Road area. Removing the Tottenham Court Road-Gower Street gyratory system at a later stage of the project would shorten the length and time of bus journeys into the West End and make it simpler for shoppers on Tottenham Court Road to get on and off buses in the same place.

Cllr John Thane, Executive Member for Environment, Camden Council, said:

    “Improving and reviving the environment around the Euston Road is a key objective for Camden Council, and we believe it could become much more than just London’s best connected road. We want to look at how careful design could make it a significantly more attractive, pleasant and safer place to be for everyone who lives and works in the area, and how we can improve the way people get around this part of the borough.”

The Euston Road scheme could cost around £7million, for which Camden Council would put in funding bids to TfL. The proposed Tottenham Court Road-Gower Street gyratory system scheme has not been costed at this stage.

Over the next six months, Camden Council, TfL and British Land plan to carry out further investigations into traffic arrangements and an urban realm study, before deciding whether to go ahead with further consultation and detailed designs.

Notes to Editors

The public meeting will be held on 16 March, 7 – 9pm in the Council Chamber, Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, London WC1H 9JE.

To a brief written by the council, architect Sir Terry Farrell was commissioned to produce a proposal for urban improvements, and engineering consultants Hyder commissioned to carry out traffic investigations.

Breakdown in estimated costs for proposed Euston Road scheme: highway works £2.305 million, public realm works £4.835 million. The proposed Tottenham Court Road-Gower Street gyratory system scheme has not been costed at this stage.

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