Licensing in Camden – It’s a bit of a Farce!

Backdated from previous BA website

Over 30 residents attended a Camden Licensing Hearing today to object to the licensing variation applications made by 3 Bloomsbury / Fitzrovia Pubs. TWO councillors made up the licensing panel that listened to the evidence. Click title for full story……..

Marlborough Arms – The report on this application was 200 pages long and contained 152 pages of community statements and evidence objecting to the application. The panel agreed with the views of the community and the application was rejected in its entirety.

Incredibly, Spirit Group, the owners of the Marlborough Pub stated that ‘they had made blanket late night applications for all their premises’ – presumably with no consideration to the location of each pub in relation to residential buildings or sensitive buildings such as Hospitals etc! It also seems they did not consider the vast waste of time, energy and money that they have caused by their lack of consideration.

The representative from the Bloomsbury Association stated that the licensing application process was a farce and that Spirit Group seemed to agree by showing contempt for it. The community reps in general were outraged that Spirit Group altered their application at the start of the hearing – considering that all the objections (evidence) were based on their original application. Did they think they would gain by this?  Should add that the majority of public house owners have taken the same line.

The Jeremy Bentham and Grafton Arms were similarly dealt with by the Panel and their applications refused outright.

Without the strong objections raised by a very large number of the community it is quite likely that these pubs would have been granted leave to operate into the early hours. So thanks to everyone that turned up at the Town Hall and to Camden Council for making a sensible decision, even though we consider the new licensing application process a farce!

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