Latoya Monte, the Alleged Drug Dealer, Receives ASBO

Backdated from previous BA website

Latoya Monte, who was alleged to be a drug dealer in Bloomsbury, Camden Town and Soho has been served with an indefinite Anti Social Behaviour Order that prohibits her from entering south Camden, parts of Islington and Westminster and from dealing drugs anywhere in England and Wales with the prospect of up to 5 years in jail if she breaks the order.

Latoya Monte did not dispute the evidence against her at Highbury Magistrates Court on Friday 2 Sept 2005 that alleged she was a prolific drug dealer in Bloomsbury, Camden Town and Soho.  Her ASBO is for an indefinite period and she will have to apply to the court to have it removed in the future.
This person admitted she was anti social but made no excuse for her behaviour.

Camden Council and Camden Police and the Community can justifiably feel satisfied with this result and we hope this will be the first of many such actions against the well know drug dealers in Bloomsbury and West End. The authorities will have our full support.

The case was covered by BBC TV London, BBC Radio London, and the CNJ.

Drug related ativity on our streets will not go away unless everyone takes a stand against it.  This action is a perfect example of joined-up working between the authorities and the community and we hope the West End Drugs Partnership will take note and further encourage this type of action.

In future we would like to see this type of action been undertaken in partnership between the Borough Councils of Camden and Westminster to reinforce the messge to the drugs fraternity that we will not stand for this activity on our streets.  We are proud to live in a tolerant society but there are limits to our telerance and in recent years these limits have been exceeded beyond what anyone could call reasonable levels.

We hope that government will throw its full weight behind the local authorities. police and community in taking such action against people who are an affront to common decency on our streets.

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