Bloomsbury Ward Community / Police Consultative Group

Backdated from previous BA website

We attended an informal meeting at the Brunswick Community Centre on 14 July to consider the formation of this group. The meeting was positive and it was decided to reconvene on Sept 27 and invite a larger community representation.

The good news from the police was that Bloomsbury is no longer regarded as a crime ‘hot-spot’.  We will keep a watchful eye on the situation to ensure this situation does not slip back.

This is not to say that our drug problems have gone away, however the police told us that they are well aware of the situation and are taking steps to deal with it.

Whilst we believe community/police relations have vastly improved over the past year or so and that our communications are beginning to get a wider reading from our neighbours there is still a long way to go to get this right. We feel that this forum might be a positive way for us to meet with our neighbouring residents associations now and then in order to foster better communications and public relations.

The Bloomsbury Association have given their support to the formation of this group with the hope that it will be kept informal.

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