2005 MP Candidates

Backdated from previous BA Website

Link to all the candidates for Holborn & St Pancras here: http://www.politics.co.uk/prospective-parliamentary-candidates/constituency/holborn-and-st-pancras-$24152.htm


Constituency:     Holborn and St Pancras
2001-2005 MP:     Dobson, Frank
Region:     Greater London Region
Country:     England
Current Party:     Labour
2001 Majority:     11,175 Labour
2001 Turnout:     49.56%
Status:     Current

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates

    * Dobson, Frank (Labour Party)
    * Heimann, Diana (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
    * James, Margot (Conservative Party)
    * Key, Eleanor (Liberal Democrats)
    * Oliver, Adrian (Green Party)
    * Woods, David (Independent)

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