Bloomsbury Joint Security Group

Backdated from previous BA website

BLOOMSBURY JOINT SECURITY GROUP The first Group meeting was held in July 2004. Constitution: The BJSG was established in liaison with: the Bloomsbury Improvement Group; the Metropolitan Police; Camden Street Services; London Borough of Camden Community Safety Team; Hoteliers; Retailers; hostel managers, and; Colleges and Institutes of the University of London.

Terms of Reference:
The purpose of the BJSG is to provide a forum for members to collaborate in exchanging intelligence with the police on anti-social behaviour, security, and to discuss and co-ordinate general community safety issues.  It also provides a forum for members to be informed of the various projects and successes the agencies are achieving in relation to community safety and anti-social behaviour.

Meetings are chaired by an Inspector (or nominee) of the Metropolitan Police Service, Holborn Sector Team.

The group meet each second Monday, every two months; at the University of London.

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