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PUBLIC TELL US PCSOs MAKE US SAFER PCSOs make us feel safer say Westminster and Camden residents in response to a public attitude survey carried out by independent researchers from Portsmouth University. Click title for the rest of the story


PCSOs make us feel safer say Westminster and Camden residents in response to a public attitude survey carried out by independent researchers from Portsmouth University.

The survey targeted both residents and business people and showed Police Community Support Officers to be an overwhelming hit.  Not only are local people aware of PCSOs and what they do but a high majority also feels reassured by their presence.

Survey highlights include:

    *      Four fifths of survey respondents in both boroughs said they knew PCSOs patrolled their area and most knew through having seen them patrolling the streets;

    *      Over 50% in Westminster and 70% of those in Camden said PCSOs made them feel more reassured about their safety;

    *      More than half of Westminster respondents and almost three quarters of respondents in Camden said PCSOs helped ‘reduce their fear of crime’;

    *      In both boroughs respondents stated that the presence of PCSOs made them feel safer during the daytime but also after dark.

Local residents in Camden were pleased that PCSOs had satisfied their needs for greater police presence on the streets and stated that the officers supplied an important link between the community and police.

The key findings of the Portsmouth University survey will be announced by Sir Ian Blair, the Met’s Deputy Commissioner, at the first Police Community Support Officer Achievement Award ceremony being held on 28th April 2004.  Twelve Met PCSOs have been nominated for awards due to their outstanding contribution to their local communities.

Deputy Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said:

“These positive responses from the public are testimony to the hard work that has been carried out by our PCSOs in these boroughs.  The extra uniformed presence on our streets was intended to reassure the public and it is heartening to see that they are having exactly that effect.

“PCSOs are making a vital contribution to preventing the low level crimes that may not grab the headlines but can cause misery within communities.  Working closely with police officer colleagues PCSOs have become a vital part of London’s extended policing family.

“Tonight, the first PCSO Achievement Award ceremony will be held with nominees across London.  The night is not only about celebrating the achievements of some individuals or boroughs, it is also about recognising the efforts of all our PCSOs across the Capital.”

Chief Superintendent Mark Gore, Project lead for the implementation of PCSOs, said:

“PCSOs have been a welcome addition to the extended police family and are proving to be an extremely valuable resource across London providing high visibility policing in our communities.

“They are vital to the long term future of policing by deterring criminals and providing local intelligence to police officers, enabling us to tackle local problems and issues faced by our communities and partners.”

Rachel Whittaker, MPA link member for Westminster, said:

“Reducing the fear of crime and making our streets safer are top priorities for the Metropolitan Police Authority.  From the very start we envisaged the introduction of PCSOs to London would be integral to achieving these aims, providing a new, highly visible uniformed presence on our streets.

“The results of this public attitude survey justify the Authority’s conviction that PCSOs would make a real difference.  They have proven to be good news for Londoners and contribute to improving the safety of our streets and neighbourhoods.”

The research was carried out over a period of twelve months.  One thousand people were questioned as part of the survey.

Further research has been commissioned in order to monitor the long-term impact of PCSOs and their contribution to public trust, confidence and reassurance.

For further details regarding the role and powers of PCSOs please visit the Met’s website at

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