West End Alliance?

Backdated from previous BA website

For some time, the 4 major West End community associations have participated in many collaborative inititives to foster common interests, a good example being the West End Drugs Partnership. This has always been on an informal basis but we now propose to begin discussions to see if the creation of a more formal West End Community Alliance would be of benefit.

We are particularly concerned that our efficiency and professionalism suffers from a serious lack of financial resources.

Community empowerment is a very important part of the democratic process and traditionally this has always been addressed by a small handful of hard working volunteers.  There is however a school of thought that if the community associations are to be ‘effective’ in lobbying and commenting on the myriad of consultation documents that should be addressed, and which are are a statutory requirement and crutial to local government process then we should be reinbursed to the degree of the time involved in providing a proper response.

We are in the discussion process now,  and we welcome any comments you may have on this matter.

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