We know its the end of Camden’s Financial Year – but REALLY – this is ridiculous!

Backdated from previous BA website

Can ‘fading bus lane colour’ really justify such vast expense or it is merely a way to get rid of end of year cash – something we have suspected Camden of doing for a long time. If this is the case the system must be changed to carry this money over.


Highways Management Team
Borough of Camden
Argyle Street
London WC1H 8EQ

Dear Sirs

Resurfacing of the Bus Lane in Gower Street 26 March 2004

I was horrified to see a dozen large vehicles turn up today and proceed to rip up a 100% perfect bus lane surface and replace it with new.

When I telephoned Highway Engineers at Camden to enquire about the reasoning behind this work I was told that the colour of the bus lane had faded and this was the reason for replacing the surface.

I would be grateful for a full explanation and reasons why this should be resurfaced and answers to the following questions.

1.    When was the resurfacing of Gower Street and the existing bus lane last carried out?
2.    Why was the correct method of colouring of the bus lane not done in the proper manner at that time?
3.    Who was at fault and has compensation been paid?
4.    Who is paying for this resurfacing?
5.    What is the cost of the resurfacing being done in Gower Street today?
6.    Why have you not waited until the surface has met its ‘used by’ date to do this job.
7.    Is it only the matter of colour quality that has determined this decision?
8.    Are you going to re-surface other bus lanes that were covered with the same material throughout Camden?
9.    If so,  how many linear miles (or metres/kms) of resurfacing will you carry out, what is the timescale time scale and what is the cost to the taxpayer?

Road Manholes.
I have been complaining for years about the inferior build quality of both manhole brickwork under the surface and also the quality of the covers and frames themselves particularly in the areas that I frequent, namely Gower Street, Tottenham Court Road and Southampton Road and the Bloomsbury streets surrounding these.

I was told on the telephone today that the reason a lighter manhole cover is being used is because operatives cannot lift the previously used heavier ones.
(I seem to remember that a light hoist was used to lift these in the past), but at least these had a decent life expectancy and we did not have to suffer the noise of a cannon going off every time a truck or bus passed over them and the constant replacement of the current type of manhole and cover.

Besides these problems there is the unbelievable waste of public money and the constant road works we have to suffer as a result.  I believe most of the manholes have been replaced 2 or 3 times since Gower Street was resurfaced a few years ago.

This constant replacement obviously costs a vast amount of money and what I believe to be a waste of public money that could be better used elsewhere had enough thought gone into the job in the first place.  With your experience in road surfacing I find it quite unbelievable that this state of affairs should have arisen in the first place.

Will you now consider reverting back to using the heavier type of manhole construction?

Yours sincerely
Bloomsbury Association

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