The Community Infrastructure (CIL)

Backdated from previous BA website

The CIL is a charge levied on most new development to raise funds to be spent on infrastructure. It will apply to most planning permissions adding 100 square metres or one dwelling and will be charged when planning permissions are implemented.

Both Camden and the Mayor of London can charge a CIL. The Mayor of London introduced his CIL on 1st April 2012 to raise funds towards Crossrail. It is charged at a rate of £50 per sqm on most uses except affordable housing, health and education and is collected by Camden on the Mayor’s behalf.

Camden is intending to introduce its own CIL over the next year which will be used to help fund infrastructure to support new development and growth which could include schools, transport, health facilities, parks and open spaces and leisure centres.

In November and December of this year Camden will be a carrying out a public consultation on what levels of CIL it intends to set across the borough. The charges will be set at a rate per sqm and will vary according to different uses and different areas.

For more information on the CIL please see Camden’s CIL webpage.  This page will shortly be updated with details of the consultation and how to respond.

If you have questions about the Camden CIL please e mail them to

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