Local Jobs for Local People in Bloomsbury, St Giles and Holborn.

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We have established links with the InMidtown Business Improvement District and their innovative Employment Brokerage Service to promote local job opportunities for local people in the Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles area.

If you are LOOKING FOR WORK with a local business visit the following link to view latest offers:


Whether you’re currently seeking paid employment or want to develop the skills you need to progress in your chosen career, we can help.

As Inmidtown, we work with 560 businesses in Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles. Our Employment Brokerage is designed to help them meet their recruitment needs, wherever possible from within the local community.  That means giving Camden residents not just a route to full and part-time employment, but also the opportunities to gain experience and qualifications with apprenticeships and work placements.

Whether it’s paid or unpaid work, all of our employers are committed to supporting every candidate and ensuring that they gain real value from the experience at every stage.

Could you benefit from our service?
Much of our work is to do with matching suitable candidates with the right job opportunities. There are, however, many other ways in which we can help:
•    If you want to work as part of a team and learn new skills, from task management and meeting deadlines, to effective communication, problem solving and decision making.
•    If you are considering a return to work after a break, you can take the opportunity to polish your skills, sample the job market and bring your work history up to date.
•    If you would like to gain a qualification that’s recognised in your chosen industry, you could consider an apprenticeship or other work-related opportunity.
•    If you want to ease yourself back into the work environment, we can create a flexible programme for you to follow at your own pace. Alternatively, you can use the service to sample different sectors and decide which is for you.

Want to know more?

The Employment Brokerage Service is a match-funded venture between inmidtown and Camden Council’s recovery fund.

If you would like to know how this affects you or your clients, wish to discuss any aspect of the service or currently have eligible candidates, please call Stephen Smith on 020 7078 7077.



Our new Employment Brokerage Scheme is designed to make the task of hiring suitable staff a lot less costly and time-consuming for businesses in Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles. Apart from recruiting to specific positions, we can also help with arranging apprenticeships and work placements.

What the inmidtown Employment Brokerage Scheme means for you:
•    It’s a flexible, recruitment and selection service. And it’s completely free.
•    You get the services of a highly professional and dedicated Job Broker.
•    We will screen, match and select suitable candidates for any particular position.
•    We offer an aftercare service to help you retain staff and develop new recruits.
•    The service is tailored and you have one central point of contact throughout the process.
•    We can offer you professional advice and assistance for taking on work experience placements and/or apprentices.
•    You can post any vacancies on our website which currently receives over 700 hits a month
•    By benefiting the local community, you’ll also be boosting your reputation as a socially responsible business.
How it works
•    If you are looking to recruit, the first thing to do is to discuss your requirements with our broker, Stephen Smith, by calling 020 7078 7077 or emailing stephen@inmidtown.org
•    We will arrange a meeting to assess your needs and recommend a solution
•    We will then source, match and screen candidates before presenting them for interview
•    Our job broker will provide hands-on transitional support during the successful candidate’s settling in period.
•    We will fix a date to assess progress and explore further opportunities.
•    If things don’t work out, for any reason, we will reassess your needs and look at other options.
•    If you’re happy with the outcome, we can then build a programme to streamline your future employment and training requirements.

An apprenticeship allows a worker to develop skills and experience on the job, while gaining nationally recognised qualifications relevant to the needs of the business. Apprentices are employees and, if they are under 19 or in the first year of their apprenticeship, they must be paid a minimum of £2.50 p/h or £95 a week.

Courses for 16–18 year olds are fully funded. Those for other ages vary in price depending on the subject and the institution. Apprentices are normally expected to attend a college or course provider once a week, subject to the demands of the business. Lengths of contract vary from 9 -12 months, depending on the level and frequency of participation.

Work experience
The work experience package can be as flexible as required. For example, we can provide candidates to carry out set tasks on a project basis or to a deadline. Work experience staff are given a programme of activities agreed with the broker. Hours and frequency are based on the employer’s requirements and availability. If requested, we can create a work agenda for the candidate to follow and oversee their induction period. Luncheon vouchers and travel fares are normally offered as a good will gesture.
To find out more about the Employment Brokerage Scheme or to discuss any recruitment needs you may have, please call Stephen Smith on 020 7078 7077 or email stephen@inmidtown.org

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