The scale and impact of the drug problem south of the Euston Rd.

Backdated from previous BA website

Are you or your neighbours affected by drugs where you live? Camden Drug and Alcohol Action Team are the Partnership in LB Camden responsible for improving drug enforcement and treatment outcomes across the borough.

In view of this, we are gathering information from a variety of sources about the scale and impact of the drug problem south of the Euston Rd and wish to include the experiences of residents living in Holborn and Covent Garden and Bloomsbury wards.

If you are regularly affected by this issue, please assist us by indicating

    * where drug dealing or drug use is taking place eg street or estate
    * the times when you notice activity or incidents eg day or night
    * how long the activity has been occuring
    * any details about the individuals concerned eg gender, age, ethnicity

Please do not hesitate to call me on the number below if you wish to report any issues in confidence or simply reply to this email. Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
Dave Francis
DAAT Community Engagement Officer
Community Safety
Culture and Environment
London Borough of Camden

Telephone:  020 7974 2477

Alternatively you may us the anonymous incident reporting system at:

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