Bloomsbury and Covent Garden Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Backdated from previous BA website

In December Camden Police are launching a new Police Tasking Team which will concentrate on reducing crime in the Bloomsbury and Holborn and Covent Garden wards. We will publish more information on this as we receive it from out SNT’s or you may contact the SNT’s on: Bloomsbury SNT: 020 8721 2693 Holborn and Covent Garden SNT: 020 8721 2692

Late night Noise, Disruption & Anti Social
Behaviour in South Bloomsbury.

We have been receiving reports about late night noise, street fighting, drug dealing, using the area as a public toilet, vandalism and other anti
social behaviour around New Oxford Street, Coptic Street, Museum Street and Little Russell Street over the past six months or so.

The vast majority of these incident reports relate to the 24 hour nightclub in West central Street and we have passed these on to our Safer Neighbourhoods Team and Camden Licensing department. We have also attended a site meeting outside that club with officers from Camden Council, a Councillor, the police, residents and CGCA.

The recent violent incident on Sunday 24 Oct at 5.30am and other ASB activing in the early hours seem to have woken everyone up to the fact that there is a serious problem in the area and we can report that this is under investigation to find a solution.

We urge you to report any incidents of concern by telephoning or emailing your SNT.

Failing that you can use our community-led online anonymous incident reporting system which is of evidence quality. You do not have to give your name. When you reach the home page, select your ward and click ‘send report’, then enter the username and password provided on the left hand side of that page.

Bloomsbury SNT: 020 8721 2693
Holborn and Covent Garden SNT: 020 8721 2692

With your help we can get the authorities to act!

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