Campaign to Ban Leaf Blower Machines

Backdated from previous BA website

Campaign to Ban Leaf Blower Machines

The Bloomsbury Association calls for a total ban on powered leaf-blowers. The maddening noise and pollution from these machines has become unbearable. We are joining a deputation to the Mayor of London on Wednesday 8 Sept 2010. The contactors who use then are so embarrassed to be seen using them they are now appearing between 6am and 8am in the morning around Bloomsbury.

The protective gear the operatives have to wear should be enough to convince you that these machines and the damage they cause is bad for everyones health.

The simple fact is that they are a public nuisance, exceed every noise limit, pollute and cause serious respiratory illness.

In our parks and gardens they are used to raise tons of plane tree seed, pollen, dust and dirt into the air to blind, deafen and choke anyone close to them.

According to The Daily Green one leaf blower produces the same pollution as 80 cars!

The operatives that use them have to wear:
Nose and mouth air filters, Ear plugs or ear phones and Eye protection (glasses or goggles). Some will wrap their head with protective material. If they do not they are taking their life in their hands.

Camden Council and the Mayor of London should BAN THEM.

I wonder what the institutions who use them would think if we were to turn up outside their offices every week and give them a blast of these screeching machines to drive them mad with rage – probably call the police I bet!

Camden Council have defended their use of these machines because they say it would be too expensive to ban them.  Perhaps they should ask the NHS what they think the cost is of treating people who are made ill by them.

Every major landowner in Bloomsbury allows their contractors to use them. Perhaps we should send them an invoice every time they do, for the damage they do to our environment and health.

If you want the evidence just ckeck out the links at the end of this article;

Notice of the following petition has been received:

3.2    A petition, received by Brian Coleman AM, is to be presented to the London Assembly, in accordance with Standing Orders 3.18 to 3.19, saying:

“We, the undersigned, call upon Boris Johnson and the London Assembly to ban petrol-run blowers and pole chainsaws from all local authority use on air pollution and public health and safety grounds.

We call for the replacement of petrol vehicles and petrol-run gardening tools with electric versions or traditional methods in all of London’s recreational spaces.

Petrol engines out of parks, please! The need for fresh air and peace has never been greater…”

The petition has 75 signatures.

The contact person for this petition is: Simon MacReynoldson, c/o Cllr Kirsty Roberts, Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, London WC1H 9JE

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