The People’s Supermarket, Lambs Conduit Street

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The People's Supermarket, Lambs Conduit Street

This new concept will open on Sunday 23 May

where is The People’s Supermarket?

The address is 72-78 Lamb’s Conduit Street, London WC1 3LP

And what are we doing?

Now that we’ve got a great location, we’re working round the clock to create a great supermarket and for that we need people – whether it’s answering phones, sweeping floors, working the tills or stacking shelves.

How can you get involved?

Come to one of our Membership Days, let us show you around our supermarket, tell you about our plans, and answer your questions – after a year of getting this together there shouldn’t be anything we can’t answer.

And once you’ve heard about what’s going on at The People’s Supermarket, how it’s going to be run, how we’ll buy our food and create a community, then I’m positive you’ll want to take the next step.

And what’s the next step?

We’re holding two Membership Days when you can come to the shop and join The People’s Supermarket.

Sunday 23 May – from 10am – 5pm

Monday, 24 May – from 8am – 9pm.

You’ll need to pay your annual membership of £25 and sign up for your very first shift.

Why do we need to pay to join?

That money helps us to buy the food that’ll make The People’s Supermarket such a great place to shop.

And why do we need you to give us your time?

The whole concept of The People’s Supermarket is to sell good food at good prices and to get our prices low we need to keep our costs low.

When people come together to give their time we can really achieve that.

What does membership give me?

This is the important part: membership gives you lower prices at the till, it means you’re part of our community and it means you’re an owner of The People’s Supermarket – if you’ve got an issue with anything at the store then raise it, vote on it – we’re all about food for and by the people. And that’s you – I hope!!

So that’s where we are at the moment – nearly ready to open as the newest, most innovative supermarket. Now what we need to make it real is you!!

Once again, thanks for your patience – and I look forward to showing you round your supermarket – The People’s Supermarket.

Arthur Potts Dawson

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