Drug Treatment Centre south of Euston Road – Position Statement from Camden Council Feb 2010

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Dear Stakeholder,

Camden Drug Treatment service for the wards South of Euston Road

The Council Executive considered and approved the award report for a drug treatment service for south Camden residents on 9th December 2009.  The Council Executive agreed that a further report should be submitted once a permanent location for the service had been identified.  This letter sets out the interim arrangements that have been made following that decision.

The newly commissioned drug treatment service for the south of Camden will be provided by the voluntary sector social care agency called the Crime Reduction Initiative (CRI) from 1 February 2010. CRI have an excellent record of providing drug treatment and services designed to reduce antisocial behaviour and crime in Camden.

At this stage a suitable location for the ‘hub’ has not been identified and until a site has been secured, services will be provided from a number of existing “satellite” projects.  Where these sites currently provide needle exchange they will continue to do so, and locality management arrangements will remain in place or be enhanced if necessary.

We recognise the concerns of local residents and wish to work with them to identify the most suitable site for a ‘hub’ service. We will do this through the existing local engagement network.

Service Provision from 1st February 2010

•    264 Pentonville Road

A building leased by the NHS at 264 Pentonville Road has been identified for use mainly as an administrative site with the availability of structured treatment for some clients. The building is located just within the London borough of Islington and the site hosts mental health and primary care services to homeless people.  It is proposed that this building will serve as the temporary administrative base and will be available from mid February 2010.

A service will also be provided from this site to a limited number of drug users who live in the South Camden area (and are not resident in hostels).  Needle exchange services will not be provided from this location.  It is anticipated that the number of individuals accessing the site each day is unlikely to exceed 15.  The use of the site will be reviewed during the interim period and a Locality Management Agreement will be put in place, to ensure that CRI work in partnership with Camden and Islington Councils and the police in order to minimise any impact the service may have on the local community.  There is no Camden commissioned service being delivered from Wardour Street.

•    Hostel Based Treatment Services

From the 1st February, CRI will continue to provide drug treatment to those homeless hostels where services are already in place (listed below in appendix 1) and extend coverage of in-reach on an agreed case by case basis.  These services are only available to clients who are resident in the hostels where they are taking place.

The majority of service users currently engaged in treatment in the wards of Holborn and Covent Garden, Bloomsbury and Kings Cross live in the hostels that have in-house treatment provision.

•    Needle Exchange:

Needle exchange services will continue to be available to hostel clients via the in-reach programme based at their hostel of residence where this is provided and for other drug users via pharmacy needle exchange services. There are currently 3 pharmacy needle exchange services south of the Euston Road: Tottenham Court Road, Kingsway and Kings Cross.  CRI will not be providing needle exchange at any of the stand alone temporary sites listed below during the interim phase. The van needle exchange provision which was based at Centrepoint has ceased and is no longer operational. Clients have been referred on to alternative existing provision as appropriate.

•    Camden 184 Royal College Street

A full range drug treatment will be available to Camden residents at the existing Camden 184 service located on Royal College Street in Camden Town.  Travel expenses will be available as and when needed.  We do not expect a significant increase in footfall.

•    Woman at the Well Birkenhead Street

CRI currently provides a visiting service delivering treatment for crack cocaine users at this location and it has been agreed that this site will continue to be utilised by the new service as a satellite base to key work female drug using clients. Increased provision at this site will be aimed at existing WATW clients and should provide more access to services with little or no increase in footfall.

All of the satellite sites will be evaluated as part of the review of the interim phase of the project.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Morton

Drug and Alcohol Team Manager
Tel. 020 7974 3496
Email mark.morton@camden.gov.uk

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