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We have been informed by our Bloomsbury Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) and Sector Inspector of a major success in the fight to reduce the impact of Class A drug activity on our streets. We congratulate Camden Police and our SNT. (Click subject heading to open the message in full).


Bloomsbury Safer Neighbourhood Team recently worked with other units on the borough in an operation that resulted two weeks ago in the seizure of just over 500 wraps of crack cocaine and heroin and the arrest of several people concerned in its supply. To date four of those arrested have been charged with offences relating to supply and some have been charged with money laundering as well.

Inspector Peter Hughes said: ” Some operations are clearly beyond the resources of Safer Neighbourhood Teams, but the Bloomsbury team has been adept over the years at securing resources that can come in and help put together a joint operation. This was one such operation. Drug dealers do not observe ward boundaries and this supply chain also ran through the adjacent Holborn & Covent Garden ward, which meant that the Holborn & Covent Garden Safer Neighbourhood Team were involved too.

The quantity of drugs seized on the day is a good indication of the amount that was being brought in daily for selling on throughout Camden, but particularly in the south of the borough. Those involved were making very good profits from that trade and enquiries are on-going to seize assets from those concerned. Something like £10,000 was seized on the day. Those concerned can expect significant prison sentences if convicted.

One of the reasons why I believe the CommunityAlert site has shown a dramatic reduction in visible drug dealing is because we are having a real impact when it comes to disrupting the supply of class ‘A’ drugs in areas like Bloomsbury. This operation is just one of many that your SNT has been involved in and all I would ask is that people in Bloomsbury continue to give their local Safer Neighbourhood Team any information they have about suspicious activity, particularly drug dealing, so that we can put together quality operations that will make a difference to all those who live, work or visit this pleasant part of London.”

Camden Police and Camden Council are working together to deal with anti-social behaviour and crime issues that matter in your area.

Received from Camden Police 29 Jan 2010.
Camden Police Monthly Issue 1

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