Needle Exchange Tottenham Court Road, St Giles

Backdated from previous BA website

At the Covent Garden Business Forum seminar on 25/10/2005 a spokesperson for Westminster City Council announced that WCC did NOT agree with the Camden DAT (PCT) proposal to convert the toilets in the TCT underpass into a dedicated fixed site needle exchange. Furthermore, he stated that they will NOT contribute to the funding for this. He also stated WCC support for the ‘mixed economy’ that was agreed by all on the West End Drugs Partnership. Tim O’Toole, MD of London Underground also stated his disapproval for the proposal.

BA Comment:  If Camden Council take it upon themselves to implement this policy they will have done so against the wishes of ALL the area stakeholders, without exception we think!  What will it take for them to see that their judgment on this matter is flawed?

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