Our Current Focus (2005)

Backdated from previous BA website

Recent and Current work that the BA is involved in.

Bloomsbury Car Sharing Club – continued liaison with Camden and Smart Moves to bring this project on-stream asap. Latest news is that there should be a decicated parking bay with a car in it by about mid-October

Formation of the Bloomsbury Joint Security Forum  – This informal group is looking at ways to integrate all existing and future CCTV/Security for the area. We are at the stage of carrying out an audit of existing systems.  Participants are; Bloomsbury Association, Bloomsbury Improvement Group, Holborn/Bloomsbury Police Sector, West End Drugs Partnership, University of London, UCL, ULU, SOAS, Birkbeck, UCL Student Union, Camden Council and residential blocks. We are considering better ways to provide drug intelligence to our sector police and improved CCTV usage for the area as part of a joined-up methodology.

Joint working with CASA (UCL) and Bloomsbury Improvement Group to build the CommunityAlert internet incident reporting system (Online end Oct 2004) – “CommunityAlert”.

Malet Street Festival – a 3 year project led by ULU to establish an annual event in Malet Street as a “Bloomsbury Showcase”.  The inaugural event takes place on Oct 13 2004 between 2pm and 11pm ( in Malet Street 2pm – 5pm then inside ULU from 6pm-11pm)

Discussions with UCL Jazz Society to consider a joint 3 day Jazz & Blues Festival Summer 2005 with the Bloomsbury Association organizing the final days events at an outdoor venue

Consultations we are involved with include;

Refurbishment of Bedford Square public areas
Refurbishment of Woburn and Gordon Squares
Future of Torrington Square
Long term discussions on the possibility of Malet Street, Byng Place becoming the University High Street
St Giles Renaissance Forum

Continued scrutiny of planning applications

Continued networking with our neighbouring community organisations

Liaison with Dragon Hall to try and get recreational activities established for young people

Continued work with Bloomsbury Improvement Group to improve liaison and joined-up working processes withing Bloomsbury and Camden particularly in relation to crime and drug related crime and anti social behaviour

Continued active support to WEDP

Our next ‘outing’ is at Camdens Car Free Day exhibition in Copric Street on Sept 22 between 11am and 3pm

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