Community Chest Funding 2004-5

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Camden Copuncil are accepting bids for the next round of Community Chest Funding – deadline for this round is Oct 11th. Click title to read background information and criteria. An application form can be downloaded from ‘Our files’ – Community Chest Application 2004-5

Camden Community Safety and Drug Action Team
Community Chest 2004-5


Community Chest 2004-5

Community Safety Partnership

Camden’s Community Safety Partnership comprises the Council, the Police, the Health Authority, Fire Service, Probation Service, British Transport Police and the voluntary sector. Following an extensive audit of crime and disorder in the borough Camden  produced its second Crime and Disorder Strategy 2002-5 as required by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. This strategy is now being updated for the period 2005-2008 and sets out the priorities for tackling crime and disorder in the borough.

Camden Drug Action Team

Camden Drug Action Team (DAT) is a senior officer partnership involving the Council, Police, Probation Service, Health Authority and voluntary sector working strategically to deliver action on drug activity, misuse and treatment in Camden. The DAT and its partner agencies lead on the development of the National Drug Strategy “Tackling Drugs to Build a Better Britain” at a local level and is responsible for producing plans around treatment, young people, communities and enforcement. All work around drugs and alcohol misuse in Camden feeds into this partnership at a number of different levels and through different sub-groups and plans.

Community Chest

Camden Community Safety Partnership has allocated £50,000 of the borough’s Building Safer Communities Fund (BSCF) to enable community groups and voluntary sector organisations to establish and finance projects that make Camden a safer place.

These small empowerment funds enable the delivery of localised projects by community groups, registered social landlords, housing co-operations, faith groups and other organisations that support the aim of increasing community safety within Camden. This includes projects that aim to disrupt the local drugs market, tackle drug related crime and addresses anti-social behaviour.

Opportunities exist to bid for grants ranging from £100 to a maximum of £5000 to projects that support the aims of the Community Safety Partnership and Camden DAT.


The deadline for submission of applications to the Community Chest will be 5.00 pm Monday 11 October 2004.  A Community Panel will decide allocation of funds in October 2004.

A Community Safety Partnership event on 1st October at the Jubilee Waterside Centre,105 Camley Street, Elm village will provide workshops for organisations or individuals who wish to discuss or know more about the Community Chest and how to apply for funds. Officers from Community Safety Team and past recipients of the grant will be available to answer any questions and assist organisations through this process.

All successful applications for funds will be required to keep financial records and complete regular monitoring requirements for the duration of the project.

Developing your project: Project Criteria

To qualify for funding from the Community Chest, projects must:

·    Be local (within the borough of Camden)
·    Contribute to the aims and targets set out in the Crime and Disorder Strategy and/or the Drug and Alcohol Strategy. (See Appendix)
·    Show an outline of the activities they will carry out.
·    Show a clear need for the project and how it fits in with other activities in your area of work
·    Have clear outputs and outcomes setting out what the project will achieve, e.g. how it will reduce crime and/or the fear of crime, improve awareness of local problems, how it will impact upon drug related activity etc.
·    Show how achievements will be measured and evaluated.

The scheme will not fund:

·    Individuals via individual bank accounts, or individuals who are not part of a community group or other organisation
·    Religious or political activities (although religious groups can apply for non-religious activities)
·    Work or spending which has already taken place
·    Projects for which there is a statutory obligation to provide a service
·    Commercial businesses (excluding independent contractors)
·    Organisations based outside Camden
·    Initiatives that do not meet the criteria

We are particularly interested in proposals which aim to reach and benefit communities who are facing disadvantage, isolation or discrimination in addition to the impact of drug related crime and anti-social behaviour.

Community Chest Grant – common questions

Who can apply to the Community Chest fund?

Community groups and small voluntary sector organisations can apply. They must be based in Camden.
Applicants must show that their project will involve local communities and/or service users at all stages.

Will there be more than one round of funding?

This is the second of two rounds of funding this year. The deadline is 11th October 2004.

How much can we apply for, and for how long?

Grants ranging from £100 to £5000 are available. For the larger grants the Community Chest Allocation Panel expects to see evidence of a clear exit strategy, and/or how the project may be funded in the longer term from mainstream sources. Projects will be expected to be completed within the financial year. Applications for matched funding will be considered.

What is the Capital / Revenue split?

The Community Chest is currently split into a revenue fund – £30,000 – and a capital fund – £20, 000.
Revenue costs relate to the running costs of a project and include such costs as recruitment, rent, staffing, administration and consumables such as publicity material and food.

Capital costs include tangible assets such as IT equipment, office furniture, transport i.e. purchase of a vehicle, material for design changes to the built environment, CCTV, cameras etc.

Funding can cover both running costs and capital costs.

What can the funding be used for?

Funding can be used to support projects that increase the quality of life for Camden residents by reducing the impact of crime, anti-social behaviour and drug related activity. Funding can also be used to purchase equipment that will enable community organisations to function more effectively or to better engage local people and partners. Examples of past initiatives funded through the Community Chest can be seen in the Appendix.

Are there any conditions attached to the grant?

·    An inventory should be maintained of capital assets purchased using grant funds.
·    Any capital asset costing more than £1000 purchased by the award must not be sold or otherwise disposed of within 5 years of purchase without prior written consent of the Home Office, which may also determine how any sale proceeds might be used. The Home Office must also be informed if any capital asset ceases to be used for the purpose for which it was funded.
·    Where the grant is used to purchase capital assets they must be adequately stored, maintained, insured and available for inspection on request.
·    All work should be invoiced and completed before 31st March 2005.
·    In exceptional circumstances, and only due to natural slippage, non-statutory voluntary groups can pre-invoice and the work can be done after 31st March 2005. This is only in unavoidable situations and there must be a good reason for it.

Are multiple applications permitted?

It is unlikely that any organisation will be funded for more than one project. However, each application will be considered on merit by the allocating panel and accordingly informed of a decision.

Can I apply if I received an award from last years community chest?

You are invited to submit an application. However, projects which have not previously applied for a grant will be given priority by the allocation panel. If you decide to submit an application please note that we will not be awarding continuation funding for projects which received community chest funding last year.

When will the grants be awarded? Who makes the decision about the grants?

Decisions will be made by the Community Chest Allocation Panel (made up of community and statutory representatives). We will let you know of a decision within two weeks of the deadline so that projects can start as soon as possible.
Details of all awards will be published on the Camden website.

Please note that Community Chest funding aims to provide services that would not otherwise be provided – it is not to shore up or replace mainstream funding.

How do we apply?

Community Chest fund applications forms are available from:

Dave Francis
DAT Communities Officer
Room 305
Camden Town Hall
Judd Street
WC1H 9JE    Tel :020 7974 2477

Peter Ward- Administrator
Camden Community and Police Consultative Group Tel : 020 7278 5459

Or on the Camden Council website http://www.Camden

Please complete the form clearly and in black pen or type so that it photocopies well. Applications will be accepted by fax.

Please note that the total amount available is limited ( due to this being the second round) and that we are interested in funding a range of small projects. Your bid should be for no more than £5000.

Completed application forms must be returned by 5pm on Mon 11th October 2004. As outlined on the application form, you will be expected to include a plan and budget for the project.

Should you be awarded a grant please allow time between the grant decision being made and the start date for your proposed activities in order for funding to be received. If you have any queries please contact either Dave Francis or Peter Ward on the above numbers.


A. Awards made in 2003/4

Project name    Grant total    Capital     Revenue    Area coverage/ project summary
Drug awareness animation    Â£3800    Â£2650    Â£1150    Borough wide – A video project that seeks to engage young people in school and youth club settings around drug issues.
Jubilee waterside    Â£3634        Â£3634    Camden Central- The development of diversionary  activities for young people at the Jubilee Waterside Centre.
Kentish Town central SWG    Â£800        Â£800    Kentish Town Sector- The purchase of resources for use at membership meetings and training events.
Aiding drug and crime reduction in Camden    Â£3000        Â£3000    Holborn, Covent Garden, Bloomsbury  – A research project looking at opportunities for recovering drug users to engage a drug free social life in Camden.
Stay safe video project    Â£4000    Â£3000    Â£1000    Borough wide- An awareness raising project focusing on community safety issues and young people. It involves the production of a video
Kilburn youth centre    Â£5000        Â£5000    Kilburn- A citizenship programme for young people on estates in Kilburn who are at risk of offending and anti-social behaviour.
Bloomsbury Association empowerment project    Â£5000    Â£4000    Â£1000    Bloomsbury and Covent Garden- A pioneering project developing a website that can accept community intelligence in South Camden.
SPH youth project    Â£5000    Â£5000        Gospel Oak/ Kentish Town – the refurbishment of a youth club by local youth in Gospel Oak and the development of a programme of activities.
Security improvements/The phoenix garden    Â£4568    Â£2068    Â£2500    Holborn/ Covent Garden- The improvement of the gardens  security through capital works so that it can be more accessible to local communities.
Regents Park ward SWG    Â£1184    Â£1184        Regents Park ward- Building the training capacity of the Sector Group through funding for an LCD projector.
Godwin and crowndale pilot drugs education project    Â£3300        3300    Godwin and Crowndale estates – a photography project looking at the perceptions/experiences of young people on the estate with regard to drugs and community safety.
Community safety capacity building(FYI)    Â£4000        Â£4000    Fitzrovia- The purchase of upgraded IT equipment that increases the capacity of this community organization. Operational in the Warren Street area.
Project Hooked    Â£5000    Â£250    Â£4750    Camden Central- An Arts based project looking at the communities perceptions on drugs as well as attempting to raise awareness of the issues as they affect residents in Camden Central.
Respond    Â£1750    Â£750    Â£1000    Borough wide- A community safety poster campaign for residents with learning difficulties.
LGBT Forum    Â£5000        Â£5000    Borough wide- Increasing the capacity of a forum that meets the needs of victims of hate crime in Camden.
Burton street neighbourhood forum    Â£4000            Burton Street WC1- Residents of a block acting to reclaim the area from drug use and prostitution via a series of capital improvements such as lighting and  landscaping,

B. Examples of possible projects

·    Community art project engaging young people on a Camden estate with regard to drugs.
·    Specific changes to the built environment in order to ‘design out’ crime.
·    Drug awareness training for residents and tenants associations.
·    Installation of CCTV cameras in order to reduce anti-social behaviour.
·    Reporting project that aims to assist sector police and ASBAG with community intelligence.
·    Research project to identify the increasing level of drug use in a particular community.
·    Capacity building project to increase the ability of a community to act against drug misuse
·    The purchase of IT/materials/office equipment in order to increase an organisations capacity to act on behalf of its community with regard to drugs.
·    A music project that aims to provide positive, anti-drug messages to local youth.
·    Securing the bin cavity in the housing estate and so preventing drug use/injecting/deposits
·    Providing better lighting to an alleyway or other public area frequented by drug users.
·    Develop a community website which aims to facilitate the sharing of drug intelligence, community experience and ideas for local disruption.

C.  Capital funds
These monies can be used to purchase tangible assets ie assets which will exist even after the project has been completed.  Examples of purchases include

·    IT/ Audio – visual  equipment
·    Office equipment
·    Vehicle – where transport is essential to the proposed activity
·    CCTV  system
·    Capital works e.g. a gate over a recessed doorway, removal of vegetation to improve visibility, better lighting system.
·    Purchase of raw materials e.g. mosaic tiles for permanent artwork
·    Purchase of teaching / training aids e.g. the drugs briefcase, videos, journals, directories, and computer software.

D.  Revenue funds
These monies can be used to purchase items associated with on-going project costs such as rent or payment of staff/consultants wages.
Other examples of  revenue purchases include:

·    Hiring a hall
·    Employing a translator
·    Catering – provision of food and drink
·    Production costs- e.g. photocopying or printing of publicity material
·    Volunteer expenses
·    Office costs – e.g. telephone, fax, mobile phone, utilities where relevant.
·    Training courses, conferences and residential costs.
·    Travel costs
·    Provision of incentives e.g. vouchers to young people on a youth training  programme.
·    Overtime payments
·    Purchase of journals and publications for distribution to the wider public.
·    Payment of tuition fees for community classes/courses


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