Drug Dealing in Bloomsbury

Backdated from previous BA Website

With summer approaching can we expect yet another year of constant harassment from drug dealers and addicts in Bloomsbury? The authorities have a duty to deal with this problem and we intend to help in any way we can to assist them to stop this activity.

The head of Camden Primary Care Trust – and Chair of the Drugs Action Team – attended the recent West End Drugs Partnership and listened to a lengthy report on drugs activity.  He invited us to submit our evidence based document that highlights the seriousness of the current situation on our streets relating to drug activity and this has now been sent to him.

UPDATE – 11 May 2005

We have had communication from the Commander and the Partnerships Superintendent of Camden Police, who have assured us that steps are being taken to address our concerns on street based drugs activity.  We will continue to follow up on this via the West End Drugs Partnership.

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