CommunityAlert Update

Backdated from previous BA Website

There follows a summary of the reports sent to our CommunityAlert system for the 12 weeks ending 31 March 2005. The authorities have been informed of all these reports and we have been informed that steps are being taken to deal with them.


The trial ran from December 2004 to April 2005: 12 weeks.

No. of Reports
204 reports were submitted during this period
(12 reports were tests and 1 report was removed-sensitive)

Incident Type    No of Reports    % of Total
Drug dealing            114             56%
Drug Use             40              20%
Sleeping rough            21            10%
Threatening behaviour    12            9%
Trespass            12            9%
Vandalism            2            1%
Cycling on footway     2            1%
Litter                    2            1%
Prostitution            1
Street Drinking            1
Other“ Attempted theft     1
      – Street nuisance     1
Begging                    1
Graffiti            1
Drug discards            1
* (we keep separate records of drug related discards)

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