Parliamentary Elections

Backdated from previous BA Website

On April 14, CGCA and BA hosted a public meeting at the New Connaught Rooms, where all the parliamentary candidates for Holborn & St Pancras (+ Westminster) answered questions from the floor. This reporter feels that everyone left very un-inspired by much of what we heard.

Notably Frank Dobson in his introductory message said:
“I have no further ambitions” – considering he is looking to be re-elected again that comment hardly inspires!  Perhaps he considers his seat is as safe as houses with his 11,000+ majority.

Margot James acquitted herself well but perhaps doubts she can take away from such a large majority.  She spoke well and seems to have realised the seriousnes of community concerns over drugs and was clear on her concerns about care for the elderly.

The Lib Dems concentrated on what they would like to do with the NHS and the writer felt they were very disappointing.

The Greens – young, enthusiastic, articulate, inspiring even! The writer was very impressed. (I think they got 14% last time)

The rest? I forget!

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