New Bloomsbury Jazz Festival 2005

Backdated from previous BA website

A new 2 day Jazz festival in Bloomsbury over the weekend of March 12/13 2005.

Generations Jazz Ltd.
25 St. Mary’s Avenue
N3 1SN
Phone: 020-8349-1377
Mobile: 07855-552-946

Dear Sirs,

The Generations Jazz Festival to be held in March 2005 will be an International standard event to be centred at the University of London.

A music festival for young people, by young people. This sums up what the Generations Jazz Festival is all about. The uniqueness of this festival will therefore attract plenty of media attention, as well as good audiences built up largely from students across the UK.

It is probably the best time ever for an event like this to take place especially in London. Jazz is becoming once again popular amongst younger people, and London is leading the way. For the first time in decades, young jazz musicians such as Jamie Cullum are being signed up again for million pound record deals and what’s more, this is all happening in London. Many of the Jazz clubs and events are not geared toward students, and so we aim to develop what is a keen and eager new audience.

The main event of our festival will be over a weekend in March where we are transforming our venue (the Institute of Education) into a haven of Jazz music. We will be running up to 6 concurrent music stages and workshops for 2 whole days, showing acts ranging from renowned International musicians to up-coming young talented musicians and University bands. Our audiences will have the opportunity to join in on hands-on workshops and talks led by some of the best music educators in the country. There will also be a series of concerts, jam sessions, workshops and most importantly parties for the week preceding the main event.

The Festival will provide a unique and original opportunity for you to promote your brand, both as a company and as an employer to a wide variety of potential customers and employees.

We shall be publicising this groundbreaking event to the general London public through the Jazz in London publication and by generating media interest in press articles such as Jazzwise magazine. London’s 102.2 Jazz FM will be helping to advertise the festival to hundreds of thousands of people across London.

We will be reaching many thousands of students in our audiences and participants, and advertising to the majority of the 100, 000 students of the University of London. We aim to reach nearly every university in the country through the National Union of Students.

Through these means we are able to present these opportunities to your business:
1.    The chance to become a main sponsor for the festival and feature in all of our marketing operations.
2.    Direct Logo Advertising to thousands of people across London and thousands of students across the UK through our own publications and website.
3.    Sponsorship possibilities ranging over posters, individual music stages/arenas, workshops and cocktail events.
4.    A great opportunity for graduate recruitment in the University of London.
5.    Space for corporate presentation stands within the main festival event for PR purposes, or for direct graduate recruitment to our student audiences.
6.    Conference options on arrangement.

If you would like to discuss these possibilities further, please contact me to arrange a meeting with our executive team.

We are confident this festival will be a huge success and will be remembered for many years to come. We are proud to present this opportunity to you and hope that you will be interested in working with us.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Lanyi
Director, Generations Jazz

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