London Generations Jazz Festival

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The London Generations Jazz Festival sets new standards

An incredible line-up has been booked for this unique 2 day Jazz / Blues event in Bloomsbury.

Generations Jazz Festival, March 12th-13th 2005

The Generations Jazz festival is unique in that it is an International Standard music festival for young people, by young people. This sums up what the Festival is all about.


Institute of Education, Bedford Way, Bloomsbury, London WC1

Format and Ticket Information

On entry the audience will be free to see what they wish throughout the day, on our 5 separate stages. Opening times are 3.30pm on Saturday and 2.30pm on Sunday, and acts will on until close.

Day Tickets – Advance: £15 Student/U18, £18 Adult advance
        – Door: £18 Student/U18, £22 Adult
Weekend Tickets – Advance: £26 Student/U18, £32 Adult
–    Door: £32 Student/U18, £40 Adult

Tickets are available from or,
Ticketmaster on 0870 534 4444 and



4pm        Kirk Lightsey with Bobby Wellins
5.15pm     Kirk Lightsey with Bobby Wellins
7pm            Generations Jazz Orchestra plays Duke Ellington                9pm        Ben Allison’s Medicine Wheel
10.25pm    Ben Allison’s Medicine Wheel

3.30pm     University of London Jazz Orchestra
4.45pm     University of London Jazz Orchestra
5.45pm    Malcolm Earle Smith’s VoxCity5
7pm        Malcolm Earle Smith’s VoxCity5
8.30pm    The Spoonful
9.45        The Spoonful

4pm        Josh Ison Tom Wood Quartet
5pm        Josh Ison Tom Wood Quartet
6.15pm    JazzArc
7.30pm    JazzArc
8.45pm    Benny Greenslade-Stanton’s Whirligig
9.45pm    Benny Greenslade-Stanton’s Whirligig

4.30pm    Guildhall School of Music and Drama Student Showcase
8.45pm    Dave Holland
9.45pm    Dave Holland

3.45pm    Workshop with Malcolm Earle Smith
5.15pm    Olivia Tebutt
7pm        Red Stripe Band
8pm        Red Stripe Band
9pm         Jam Session Open to All


3.45pm    John Escreet
5pm        John Escreet
6.30pm    Generations Jazz Orchestra plays Benny  Goodman
8pm        Dennis Rollins Badbone & Co.
9.15pm    Dennis Rollins Badbone & Co.

3pm        Allen Beechey’s Bright Stars of Jazz
4.15pm    Allen Beechey’s Bright Stars of Jazz
5.30pm    Joe Stilgoe
6.30pm    Joe Stilgoe
7.45pm    Earles 11 with guest Enrico Tomasso
9pm        Earles 11 with guest Enrico Tomasso

3.15pm    Dan Spanner’s Jazz Punks
4.15pm    Dan Spanner’s Jazz Punks
5.15pm    James Eaton Generators
6.15pm    James Eaton Generators
7.45pm    JazzArc
9pm        JazzArc

3.15pm    Trinity College of Music Student Showcase Groups
7.45pm    Lautrec
9pm        Lautrec

3pm        UCL Jazz Society Groups
5.45pm    The MP’s
7pm        The MP’s
8.10pm    Jam Session

Featured Artists

For timings, please email for the timetable, or check

Ben Allison’s Medicine Wheel Groundbreaking and award winning original music from the co-founder of the Jazz Composers Collective of New York.
Press Documents (pictures and articles) at

Dennis Rollins Badbone & Co.  – “the most exciting British trombonist for decades” Jazzwise. Bio and pictures available at

Kirk Lightsey & Bobby Wellins  – American Pianist of the golden era, renowned for his work with Chet Baker and Dexter Gordon, is teamed up with Britains own golden era giant, Bobby Wellins

Malcolm Earle Smith VoxCity: An original group featuring vocal duets including Nia Lynn and Malcolm, who is also on Trombone.

Earles 11 Malcolm Earle Smith teams up with Enrico Tomasso to create Basie Style improvised Swing to dance to!

Generations Jazz Orchestra with Richard Lanyi: The Premier show for the Festival Directors newest project, playing authentically the music of Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman.

Allen Beechey’s Bright Stars of Jazz – Good-time driving jazz style of Eddie Condon, Louis Armstrong, Wild Bill Davison and their colleagues of the 1930’s-50’s.

The Spoonful: London’s Premier Rhythm and Blues Orchestra.

The Red Stripe Band: A Boogie Woogie set-up.

Lautrec: delicious Sample delics (Guardian). A modern and original group, that incorporates Jazz and electronic sampled music, as well as special guests!

Joe Stilgoe: Talented Young Singer/Pianist with great potential and appeal.

Josh Ison: An exceptional young Tenor Saxophonist.

Benny Greenslade-Stanton: A young Australian Trombonist with a formidable young British band, playing Ben’s originals.

John Escreet: Young Pianist rapidly making his name, and also playing for Dennis Rollins.

JazzArc: A young London based jazz musician collective led by drummer Julian Saul.

Dan Spanner’s Jazz Punks:Combine jazz, funk, rock and ska styles.

University of London Jazz Orchestra: 25 Piece group, led by Richard Lanyi

Trinity College of Music: Showcase groups from their Jazz Students.

Guildhall School of Music: Showcase groups from their Jazz students.

The MP’s: A hard driving jazz/funk group.

Olivia Tebutt: up-coming Jazz Vocalist.

The Bridge: Jazz/Funk group made from Trinity and other students.

James Eaton Generators: Hammond Organ Trio

Contact Information

For further press information, please contact Richard Lanyi on:

Generations Jazz Ltd.
25 St. Mary’s Avenue
N3 1SN
Mobile: 07855 552 946

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