Backdated from previous BA website

NIMBY – Acronym for ???Not In My Back Yard.??? A term for a person who resists unwanted development. A person who hopes or seeks to keep some dangerous or unpleasant feature out of his or her neighborhood. NIMBYism ( noun. The attitude of such a person. We thought to clarify the meaning of this word since we have been accused of it – it does NOT mean we are naive or blind to good ideas and improvements as some have suggested.

It’s interesting that a few local people have accused the BA of nimbyism – a rather childish term in our opinion!  If we make any statement concerning local government policy it is for good reasons based on common sense and the views of the status quo.

Classic Example;
Before the election the Mayor had spoken of his desire to ‘crush’ the boroughs if they tried to oppose his plans to build hundreds of thousands of new homes in London. He attacked his opponents as having a “stupid approach” and condemned them for having “a real outbreak of nimbyism.”

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