Coordinated Approach to Community Safety in the West End

Backdated from previous BA website

Coordinated approach to Community Safety in the West End

We initiated a meeting at Senate House in August to discuss the possibility of a coordinated approach to tackle the drugs and anti social behaviour problems on the north side of the West End. Most of the large institutions were present and a lively discussion took place. Everytone agreed that a coordinated approach to community safety was a better way to tackle this problem and that it was feasible.

A further meeting will be held on Sept 13 to consider the way forward and in the meantime each organisation was requested to carry out and submit an audit of what systems they have at the present time.

Many remarked that there seemed to be an increase in the levels of violence recently and that they have had to increase security measure to combat that.  One organisation has issued stab vests to their operatives.

We have asked a CCTV specialist to act as a consultant to the Bloomsbury Improvement Group and have appointed a company called VisionGuard to this position.

We will begin negotiations with them next week and produce a short report to the group at the next available meeting.

We estimate that a further 30 cameras will be required to achieve our aims and are in the process of mapping the existing CCTV cameras in the area.

The existing CCTV only covers a small area withing the area of concern and this new system will allow reasonable coverage of an area about 1 sq km.

We have already had offers of financial support for this idea from a major hotelier in the area and this makes the whole scheme viable.

If the remaining large organisations are able to support the scheme we aim to have improvements in place by the end of December 2004.

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