Tottenham Court Road Station and St Giles High Street: Draft Area Planning Framework + draft planning briefs for three sites within it.

Backdated from previous BA website

Camden are seeking comments on a DRAFT planning framework that they have prepared for this area which may have serious implications for the future tranquillity of south Bloomsbury and TRC areas as far north as the block bounded by Bedford Avenue and Adeline Place, which is included within the plan.

Camden is consulting on planning proposals concerning 3 major planning briefs and ‘intensification’ within the area bounded by Bedford Avenue/TCR/Adeline Place, New Oxford Street. lower Museum Street, Denmark Street and St Giles High Street. This may have serious implications for Bloomsbury and we urge you to take a look. The Draft Planning Framework and the three briefs can be viewed between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri at LBC Planning Dept, 5th Floor, Argyle Street WC1, or visit web site;

We have opened a forum on this site should you wish to comment here.  Please navigate to ‘Discussions’ to view.

The deadline for comments is JANUARY 30 2004.
At the end of the consultation period all four draft documents will be finalised, and presented to the Council’s Executive (Environment Sub Group).  If approved by that group they will be adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance.

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