ARSON – Request for information

Backdated from previous BA website

ARSON - Request for information

ARSON Dear residents/businesses It has been brought to the attention of the Metropolitan Police Service that on numerous occasions over the last two or more years, a person or persons has been deliberately starting fires in and around SOUTHAMPTON PLACE & BLOOMSBURY SQUARE, this has mainly up to now centred around rubbish left out for collection.

Although the fires have been small, a considerable amount of damage has been caused, this includes damage to lamp columns, tree branches, street furniture, damage to the road surface and most recently a builders porta loo.

The police and London fire brigade are currently gathering intelligence regarding these incidents and will be jointly visiting the area to speak to residents and businesses.

If you have any information, however small, please contact the police using the details below, we need to stop these fires before serious damage is caused or someone looses their life.


0208 721 2692

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