Bloomsbury Clear Zone. Malet Street

Backdated from previous BA website

Following the consultation exericse in July last. work has commenced on pedestrian safety improvements to the junction of Malet Street and Torrington Place. Coaches will be re-routed to the British Museum Montague Place parking area via Gower Street and Kepple Street.

There will be wider pavements around the Students Union building and a new crossing at the entrance to Birkbeck and SOAS with raised carriageway.

The crossing currently on the south side of Kepple Street will be moved to the north side, widening of the pavement on both sides of the crossing and extension of the cycle lane and raised carriageway at entrances to Senate House.

We are hopeful that the proposed Bloomsbury Car Club legal issues will be sorted very soon and we will have our car sharing club by Easter.  Dont buy that new car you were thinking of!  This is a much better option for central London and cheaper without the constant hassles of owning a car.

Byng Place/Torrington Square.  The University has made progress to clean up Torrington Square and we look forward to future improvements to this, Tavistock and Gordon Squares.

Discussions and progressing on ways to utilise the open spaces around Byng Place to better effect.

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